Words Have Power (Use Them Wisely)

Language matters. The words we use repeatedly matter deeply. Choosing them carefully can change the course of our lives.

Take “hate”, for example. It used to be one of my favorite words. I wouldn’t have named it as such, but my constant usage of it told the story very well, regardless. Fortunately, I was blessed with a dear friend who saw it for the damaging practice that it was and who was willing to call me on it.

One day, she interrupted me in the middle of bitching about something ridiculously mundane, something along the lines of “I *hate* it when..[fill in the blank]”, then offered me a challenge that shifted my entire perspective

She said “Hate is a powerful word. I would like you to count how many times you say it in a day.” 

So I did.

Twenty seven times. TWENTY SEVEN! That’s a whole lot of hate I was flinging around.

When that began to sink in, I deleted the word from my vocabulary, replacing it with the phrase “strongly dislike”. 

And you know what? I find I strongly dislike a lot less than I ever hated.



What words do you use that are holding you back? Have you removed certain words from your vocabulary? I would love to hear. Drop me a line in the comments and let’s have a conversation!

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