Stuck in a Hamster Wheel

Image Credit: Doenertier82 at the German language Wikipedia

For much of my life, I have had the distinct impression that I’m stuck in a hamster wheel. I break out for a while, then find myself caught in the tight spinning circle once again. (What am I doing here? What’s my grand purpose?)

The structure of my infinite loop: I had a plan. I had it mapped out. It seemed perfect. But suddenly, it feels like that old concert tshirt I’m embarrassed to wear in public. 

What am I really looking for?

(Back into the spinning plastic circle with you!)

I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought I needed to find the thing that would make me happy, would keep me engaged.

What I’ve learned is, that thing doesn’t exist.

If you feel lost and confused about who you are, if you are constantly seeking that elusive thing that is calling you, chances are, it, too, doesn’t exist.

Stay with me. This is not cause for heartbreak. Take a deep breath and inhale the possibility contained in what I’m about to suggest.

It doesn’t exist because we haven’t created it yet. The reason for the fruitless searching, the empty boxes, the dead ends, is that we aren’t meant to do something that’s already been done! We’re meant to create something new.

The failures are failures of focus, not failures of purpose.

Let that sink in.

I invite you to stop searching for the answer and to create it for yourself. Where there are walls, cut a doorway. You have a gift hidden inside, waiting only for you to realize that it’s there. 

So, continue the search, but turn your gaze inward. Your answer awaits.

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