Flinging (Biodegradable) Confetti

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If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts, you know I’m in the middle of a blog along challenge this month. Some days, I follow the prompt. Some days, I go rogue.

Being the hyper-enthusiastic person I generally am, today’s prompt had me doing a snoopy dance.

What do you do to foster joy? What’s your version of “flinging glitter in the trenches”?

Before we get started, you need to know that glitter is a dirty word in our household. My husband comes unglued if he even suspects that glitter might enter the house or come into contact with his person. He has even gone on a rant about some extra shimmery eye shadow I used to have. (He can be a bit dramatic.)

So I won’t fling glitter here. (He would sense it from the other room, and storm in, interrupting my train of thought to regale me with the evils of raver/burner/crafter scabies. He probably knows I’m writing about it on the other side of the wall from him.) Instead, I’ll fling confetti. Some kind that melts on contact with the ground. (Just roll with it, okay?)

Back to the point. How do I spread joy? Oh, any way my gleeful little heart can think of! I am a boundless encourager. If I sense someone feeling down, I am all over it like birthday cake on a baby.

I am willing to bring out the dorky big guns in order to lift someone’s spirits. I couldn’t care less about looking ridiculous. If it has even the slightest chance of lifting someone’s spirits, I will take a nose dive into foolishness.

I give heartfelt compliments out like candy on Halloween. I spray that shit everywhere!

I file away information about things people are going through or working on and then periodically ask them how it’s going.

I write random love notes to people I care about. (Sometimes just as a super gushy Facebook comment.)

I could go on, but the confetti isn’t melting as fast as I expected. It’s up to my knees and I’m afraid it will get into the bed. We can’t let that happen. What would I fling if that were banned?

How do you spread joy? What makes your heart happy? Drop a line in the comments. Let’s get covered in confetti.

Join us in the blog along! It’s not too late.

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12 Responses

  1. Effy

    “What would we fling if that were banned?”

    I laughed out loud. 🙂
    Effy recently posted…No Mud, No LotusMy Profile

  2. Zoë

    Oh I have to tell you (but probably best not to tell your hubby) I am the awfully naughty person who once tipped glitter into the envelopes of invitations to a party and then sent them through the post. No one commented, but I’m guessing some people were not impressed.

  3. Kim Forman

    Lol. Thanks, Effy! 😊

  4. Kim Forman

    Zoe: You are evil. How was attendance? 😂

  5. rachel

    I just hurt myself laughing so hard. You cheered me up, glitter all over my feeling sorry for myself evening. I love this so much!! ❤️😂

  6. Kim Forman

    Yay! That makes me all kinds of happy, Rachel. 😊❤

  7. Gin

    “I am willing to bring out the dorky big guns in order to lift someone’s spirits.” – Love it!! Sometimes I hold myself back (which then can make it about me, and not about the other person). It was wonderful to read this! <3
    Gin recently posted…autobiography and creating…My Profile

  8. Joy

    It sounds like you have an incredibly compassionate and generous heart! I love “I just fling that shit all over”. Thank you for the heart-smile as I read!
    Joy recently posted…Weaving Joy Into Daily LifeMy Profile

  9. Kim Forman

    I hear you, Gin! I used to do everything in my power to avoid looking goofy. Then I started hanging out with a new friend, and I realized that part of what made me love her as much as I did was her joyful, flying leaps into dorkery. I started playing with it myself and suddenly realized life was suddenly far more fabulously fun. I never looked back! 😂

  10. Kim Forman

    Thank you, Joy. Sometime in the past 15 years, I figured out that I get a gleeful kick out of lifting people up. In a way, it’s totally selfish. Lol. It’s the best thing ever. I wish I could help more people see that if you need to pump up your own feelings of worth, putting someone else down is NOT the way to go. The more we cheer others on, the better we feel about ourselves. It’s inevitable. 😊

  11. Mary

    You have found the secret to happiness Kim! What a great post! I was laughing during the whole thing but when you were talking about your husband I was smiling so big because my husband and I have 2 daughters and between us three “girls” he ALWAYS has glitter on him somewhere because there is glitter embedded in our house. He just shakes his head a smiles. He has given up. Love your energy!!!
    Mary recently posted…Blogging with Effy Day 9 | ScrapsMy Profile

  12. Kim Forman

    😂 He’s just given in to the inevitable, huh?

    Jeff has actually gone on multiple rants about how Dan Aykroyd has a piece of glitter lodged in one of his pours from back in his days of rampant cocaine usage. He uses it to illustrate how insidious it is.

    I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the post. I don’t usually purposefully go for humor when I write, but I was in a mood last night. Lol. I may roll with it here and there and see what happens.


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