Easy Hooded Shawl Tutorial

Winter is rapidly approaching. As a year-round chilly willy, I am bracing myself. That said, winter clothes are my favorite! Who doesn’t love boots, and thick socks, scarves, and arm warmers?

In preparation for the coming cold, I made a hooded shawl.

Having no idea what I was doing, I decided to wing it. (That’s how about 90% of my creations are made. I binge on Pinterest and Youtube for ideas, and then mash them together with no idea whether or not it will work. Happily, this one did!)

Easy Hooded Shawl

It was ridiculously easy. You can reproduce it with only super basic sewing skills, I promise.


fleece throw (Mine was 46″ x 60″, but the original size isn’t important. It will just           make the shawl a little longer or a little shorter if yours is different.)



measuring tape or ruler (though you can guesstimate the measurements – nothing is remotely exact)

a piece of newspaper

needle and thread or sewing machine.






hood pattern

Cut out a newspaper pattern that looks something like this.

Here are the measurements I used. (You can go bigger or smaller here. A longer hood will bag out more, a deeper hood will hang further down over your face.)

From the base to the crown: 17 1/2″

Width of base: 14″

Width from the front to the back at the top: 17 1/2″

See that little dip at the top? I figured that out after the fact. It will make the hem around the face lie flat where the two sides are sewn together. (I improvised by cutting a V shape in the hem, since it didn’t occur to me to cut the hood like that. As you might have gathered, improvisation is a huge part of my creative process. I could plan more carefully, but I’m just not that person.)

(The front of the hood is facing left here)





The best way to shape the dip is to fold the newspaper back about 2″ before cutting out the pattern and then just cut on a tapered downward slope.













cutting layoutFold your blanket in half along the long edge, so the the short edges meet.

Lay your pattern on top of it like this. (I didn’t think to get a picture of this part, so just imagine that the blanket is still whole here.

When you cut out the pattern, there will be a skinny string of fleece left at the top. Cut that off and discard. (Or, if you are a craft supply hoarder like me, put it in a box of scraps. Hey, I never know when I might need an skinny irregularly shaped piece of felt. Don’t judge.)

Once the pattern is cut out, cut along the fold to separate it into two pieces. (Leave the rest of the blanket just like it is. We’re coming back to it in a minute.)

Pin the two sides of the hood together just as they are and sew along the curve, avoiding the straight edges.





hemming the front edgeTurn the front edge under about 2″ and pin. Sew close to the raw edge, so that from the outside, there is a hemline about 2″ from the front of the hood.

(This is a view of the outside, after its done.)












imageGoing back to the blanket that’s left…

Mark the fold with a pin next to the cutout part. That will be the center of the shawl.










Unfold the blanket and center the hood, right side down, along the edge of the blanket that was originally the cutting line for the base of the hood.

***In the previous photo, it’s the straight(ish) line below the curve of the cutout. When the blanket is unfolded, its a long, straight line bordered by two inward curves.***

Make sure the top of the hood is upside down (lying against the other fabric), rather than right side up (lying against the cutting surface). 

Pin in place and sew. (It’s helpful to start in the middle and go outward. Felt can be pretty stretchy. This prevents (or, at least, minimizes) unwanted puckers.



That’s it! Easy peasy! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Ask away!

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