It’s Crowded in Here.

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Sometimes you just have to do a brain dump. On paper. On Facebook. On a blog. Wherever. If your head is spinning, it helps to dump it all out in black and white.

Pen and paper is usually my preferred method. There is something about physically writing something out longhand that is missing when I type. I often wrote my blog entries in my journal and then type them up. Today, that’s too much for me. So I’m skipping the long form and going straight to text. Sometimes you have to shift tactics to get things done.

Here’s my brain dump.

  • I’m overwhelmed with the disasters sweeping the globe. Duh. Aren’t we all?
  • I’m trying to figure out how much preparation we need to be making for Irma here in Western North Carolina.
  • I’ve had a stress headache for 24 hours off and on.
  • The feedback I’ve been getting on my blog and my daily FB live video is amazing!
  • I learned today that I am deeply trusted by someone with serious trust issues.
  • I’ve been struggling a lot with how I can do more to combat bigotry of all forms.
  • The progress I’ve made on sticking to commitments and doing things I don’t feel like doing but need to be done is monumental. It still needs work.
  • I have amazing friends. I have a wonderful family. I am blessed.
  • Art!
  • I’ve been asked to be a teacher’s assistant for The Hero Course! It’s all about honing your voice and writing for your business. I just finished taking the first round and it was amazing! Wow. A seriously wild ride. It starts again next month. What have I gotten myself into?

These are just the things bouncing around most vigorously in my head.

What’s ricocheting in yours? I’d love to hear! Comment below, if you’re inclined to share.


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10 Responses

  1. Mary

    Congratulations Kim on being asked to be a TA for the Hero Course! That’s awesome. Keep us updated on your safety due to Irma. I’ll be praying for ya!

  2. Jean

    Ah I know how this feels Kate. I have family and friends down there in Palm Beach County. I also live in WNC and am wondering what we will feel and when.
    Congratulations on all the good things too.


  3. Joy

    Congratulations on being asked to be a teacher’s assistant! Blessings as you prepare for Hurricane Irma (if it reaches your area). And, I agree, sometimes it’s best to switch ‘it up’ – which is something I do a lot, because I like the feel of infinite possibility.

  4. Kim Forman

    Thank you, Mary. We will likely be okay, but there is always the danger of tornadoes when you are on the periphery, so your prayers are appreciated. ❤

  5. Kim Forman

    Thanks Jean! I will pray for the safety of your loved ones.

  6. Kim Forman

    Thank you, Joy. I am the queen of switching it up with most things. But hand written thoughts tend to feel more organic for me, so this is a little out of my comfort zone.

    That said, the more I move out of my comfort zone, the more it grows. 😂

  7. rachel

    I’d like to know more about that course!!

  8. Roberta

    Great dump. Life really us this messy isn’t it?
    I’d love to know more about the Hero Course. Sounds perfect for me to keep me honest! Feel free to send me info
    Much love n laughter lollipop!

  9. Kim Forman

    Thanks, Roberta! I will send your email addresses over to Tracey. She will contact you about setting up a ZERO pressure phone interview, to offer you more information, answer any questions, and make sure that you both feel like it’s a good fit.

    We would love to have you join us! 😊
    Kim Forman recently posted…It’s Crowded in Here.My Profile

  10. Kim Forman

    Hi Rachel! I’d love to connect you with the teacher, if you’ll send me your email address. If you’d rather not leave it here, you can email me from he contact page here, or send me a fb message. Thanks! 😊

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