Composting Struggle

running from fearThis messy place you are in right now? It’s a compost heap. The struggles, the fear, the self-doubt? Steaming manure awaiting the soil. All of this is shaping you – it’s breaking up the dirt and turning it over. Your future self will have this rich fertilizer in which to grow.

The amazing thing is that you get to decide the shape it takes. Do you run from your problems? Do you face them head on and screaming? Do you chuck grenades at them, then duck and cover? There are no right and no wrong answers.

If you’re running, it will only be so long before you realize that your fears are following you and they are right on your heels. That said, maybe the race is what you need right now. Just know that eventually you will run out of breath. Be prepared for that moment.

Facing them head-on is scary. But the beauty of it is that, when we face them, it strips them of their control over us. We clearly see that it is not, in fact, a monster in the closet, but our winter coat and hat hanging from the door.

This is the point where we take that compost and plant the seeds for an exuberant life.

Fear and struggle and self-doubt are all beautiful teachers, but as with all teachers, you must eventually break away. Challenge them! Ask them what they are trying to teach you. Learn the lesson and then move on.

Moving on puts you in a position to try new things. Trying new things leads to less fear and before you know it, it’s harvest time.


Are you running from something? Are you charging toward some fear with fierce determination? I’d love to hear where you are with it. Drop a line in the comments so we can talk!


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  1. Amber Shehan

    Hell yes! 🙂 Have you ever read Roger Zelazney’s “The Nine Princes of Amber” ? Each prince must walk a difficult labyrinth to gain their power, and they must push through invisible veils along their path. The pressure builds, like the very air is pushing against them, and just when it is at it’s hardest…BAM! They are through and moving to the next veil. That’s how I visualize my struggles now, and yes…compost all that shit into something useful. Make the struggle worth having! 😀
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  2. Sabrina Greene

    I used to run quite often from my fears but I never thought of them as breaking up the dirt, but you know what that is exactly what they did for me!!!!! Now, each day, I am learning to face them and when I do I am finding I am learning new things about myself and the seeds I want to our starting to grow. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. Kim Forman

    I love that! *adding it to my reading list*
    Thanks! ❤️
    Kim Forman recently posted…Composting StruggleMy Profile

  4. Kim Forman

    I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilling it is to watch you emerge from all that has held you back. Absolute radiance!

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