Blasting Through Excuses

blasting excuses

What is that thing you are burning to try?


How long you have put it off because you don’t-know-if-you’ll-be-any-good, or what-if-you-look-like-an-idiot, or you don’t-deserve-the-happiness-it-may-bring? Or, maybe, you’re too-busy-dealing-with-reality. Let me break down the truth of those one by one.


1.So you’re afraid you won’t be good at it? Of course you won’t. Not at first (unless you just have this crazy inborn knack for it). Did you know how to walk when you were born? Did you speak eloquently as a toddler? Did you know how to do your job before you started working? Of course not. You learned all that. Just as you will learn this. How much you really want to learn (along with your willingness to act on what you discover) will determine your success, to a large degree.

2. What if you look like an idiot? So what? Everyone looks like an idiot sometimes. Even that “flawless” girl you might constantly being comparing yourself to you. Trust me. No one looks good when they’re brushing their teeth. Goofiness is part of life. The key to getting over it is to embrace it. Laugh at yourself louder and harder than anyone else, and rejoice in the ridiculousness of humanity.

3.You don’t deserve it? Yes, you do. Let me just tell you here, right now. You deserve happiness. Plus, you send happy ripples out into the world, when you, yourself, are happy. It’s a win/win. (If this is the tape running through your head, you may be interested in my previous post, The Misguided Art of Self-Sabotage.)

4. Too busy dealing with reality? This is possibly the most feeble of them all. We have time for what we MAKE time for. It may entail sacrifices. You may have to give up that hour of TV, or stop checking Facebook so regularly. You could get up fifteen minutes early. You could streamline your daily tasks. You can carve out space for the thing you really, really, really want to do. Take advantage of spare moments. It’s amazing what you can get done in ten to fifteen minute increments, if you eliminate distractions.

Stop holding yourself back with petty excuses and give it a shot. Maybe you will discover it’s not as fun or as interesting as you imagined, or maybe it’s going to slingshot you into a life you never imagined.


Now go forth and find your thing! But before you go, I’d love to hear what it is. Drop me a line in the comments. If you want an accountability buddy, say the word. I’ll check back in with you periodically. Sometimes, a nudge is all we need.

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