Hi!  My name is Kim Forman.  I am your lightening rod to creativity and fulfillment. Helping you dig beneath the surface of your personal style of creativity is one of my greatest passions. From uncovering and healing the scars we bear in regards to creating, to tapping into our own inner resources, we will explore your world for the tools you need to find a sense of wonder and to use it effectively.

Rather than give you steps to follow when inspiration decides to strike, I help you understand where to find inspiration any time you need it. 

I’m an artist, a dancer, and a professional encourager.  My life’s mission is to light the path for those walking in darkness.

My skill sets, which I am always happy to share, include the following:

art journaling
jewelry making
hoop dance
fire performance
massage therapy
deep listening
delineating the radiance of others

I live in Waynesville, North Carolina (just west of Asheville).