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Under the KimFluence is a collection of thought on connection, courage, enthusiasm, confidence, vulnerability, fear, stickiness, and things that hold us back from the life we are seeking.

I'm Kim Forman and my mission is to encourage you to stop wishing and start doing!

love hearing from my readers, so please drop me a line if you like what you find here. Comments, email, and social media interactions are all fabulous ways to reach out to me. I will always answer. (Pinky swear!)

You can also find me on the Go Deeper podcast, which I host with my fabulous BFF, Cindy Bischoff. There, we dig into discussions of the things that bring us meaning and fulfillment, with the hope that it will shine a light for you, as well.

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Stuck in a Hamster Wheel
| |

For much of my life, I have had the distinct impression that I’m stuck in a hamster wheel. I break out for a while, then find myself caught in the tight spinning circle once again.... Read More

Words Have Power (Use Them Wisely)
| |

Language matters. The words we use repeatedly matter deeply. Choosing them carefully can change the course of our lives. Take “hate”, for example. It used to be one of my favorite words. I wouldn’t have... Read More

Easy Hooded Shawl Tutorial
| |

Winter is rapidly approaching. As a year-round chilly willy, I am bracing myself. That said, winter clothes are my favorite! Who doesn’t love boots, and thick socks, scarves, and arm warmers? In preparation for the coming... Read More

Climbing Upward
| |

I’ve been waking up early for the last few weeks to take a morning walk. I live on a mountain, so, while the first part of the walk is easy, turning around and climbing back... Read More

Just Breathe
| |

      And breathe…just breathe. Oh, breathe…just breathe.” -Anna Nalick   Many years ago, in the midst of an emotional maelstrom so overwhelming that I spent a large part of my days and nights... Read More

An Opportunity to Practice Presence
| |

Out of nowhere, I felt it settle over me. I was startled to discover that it felt a bit like a well-loved quilt that had been stored away after become threadbare from overuse. My curiosity... Read More

Stepping Stones
| |

Moving Toward a Dream   I’m going to share a secret with you. I don’t really know what I’m doing. (Shhhhh! I can’t let that get out.) I’m not saying that I don’t have any... Read More


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