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Under the KimFluence is a collection of thoughts on connection, courage, enthusiasm, confidence, vulnerability, fear, stickiness, and things that hold us back from the life we are seeking.

I'm Kim Forman and my mission is to encourage you to stop wishing and start doing!

love hearing from my readers, so please drop me a line if you like what you find here. Comments, email, and social media interactions are all fabulous ways to reach out to me. I will always answer. (Pinky swear!)

You can also find me on the Go Deeper podcast, which I host with my fabulous BFF, Cindy Bischoff. There, we dig into discussions of the things that bring us meaning and fulfillment, with the hope that it will shine a light for you, as well.

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Flinging (Biodegradable) Confetti
| |

Photo credit Jürgen Lison If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts, you know I’m in the middle of a blog along challenge this month. Some days, I follow the prompt. Some days, I... Read More

It’s Crowded in Here.
| |

Sometimes you just have to do a brain dump. On paper. On Facebook. On a blog. Wherever. If your head is spinning, it helps to dump it all out in black and white. Pen and... Read More

Breathe In. Breathe Out
| |

I don’t have the heart for this today. The world feels like it has plunged headlong into chaos. My brain is overloaded with devastating images of unprecedented disasters close to home and across the globe.... Read More

Your Story Is Not Written In Stone
| |

We all have stories woven tightly around our lives. Some are handed down from parents or passed sideways from random encounters. Others come from experiences we have or assumptions we make. These stories may hold... Read More

Tell Us How You Really Feel
| |

  Expressing the depth of our feelings for people can feel awkward, yes. We run the risk of being called sentimental, being thought a bit odd, or a touch over-emotional. Whatever. Think what they will,... Read More

Stuck in a Hamster Wheel
| |

For much of my life, I have had the distinct impression that I’m stuck in a hamster wheel. I break out for a while, then find myself caught in the tight spinning circle once again.... Read More


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